What we do

We' re dedicated to our specialism, to finalize and retouch your films to touch your audiences.


Two suites are available with editing software of your choice: Final Cut Pro (V7) , AVID Mediacomposer en Adobe Premiere CC.



The creative phase in postproduction. We work with DaVinci Resolve 12 with a superb toolset for de-graining, strong tracker and selectable grade areas.


In this finishing stage the film gets its graphics, subtitles and final retouch to make it shine.


Authoring & Deliveries

This is the last phase in the distribution process for duplication of DVD, Blu-Ray, MXF and DCP.


Interactieve media

With touchscreen technology of websites your story becomes interactive and can be well dosed. The user becomes more involved by her/his own choices.


Audio mixage

Editpoint provides the audio mix for your documentary, working with a large pool of specialized audio engineers.


Media management

Acquisition footage is no longer stored on tapes but as files on servers or in the cloud. This demands another level of mediamanagement. Prevent loss of valuable footage with solid data management.



Postproduction can be a maze; too many formats and codecs. A smart workflow can help you to save time and money and leads to a better endresult.

Who we work with


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